Melissa Koch

Melissa Koch has a multitude of interests. Nature and being sweaty have always been overriding themes which have woven their way throughout her life. Of course, writing seemed the obvious way to combine interests.

Melissa has an MS in counseling with an emphasis in addictions, is an ACE certified personal trainer and weight management specialist, and a NOLS certified Wilderness First Responder. She is also a guest contributor for Trail Sisters.

Her passions are EXTREME desert gardening and landscaping, plant hoarding, trail running, writing, and vegan stuff. She can’t do much of anything in moderation, and strives not to give a shit about traditional cultural norms and values. She hopes her life and journey serves as inspiration. This is her blog which she gives creative space and pays homage to other like-minded thinkers and doers through their contributions. Enjoy!

IMG_3030Wes Brittenham

Wes BrittenhamWes Brittenham is an artist and gardener living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A lifetime of outdoor experiences in the mountains and deserts of his home have inspired his art and his passion for the natural world. A horticulturist with over four decades of hands on experience, he is a teacher, a student and an advocate for awareness of our responsibility to each other and our dear Mother Earth.

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